Why Stress Management Is Important

Why Stress Management Is Essential

Stress is the main cause of numerous illnesses, both

minor and major. Physicians and mental health professionals

agree that reducing stress techniques can prevent

many illnesses, and disorders, in addition to increase a

patient’s capability to heal following the introduction of

a number of health issues.

A persons reaction to stress is triggered inside the

brain, producing chemical and physical changes

through the body, which affect every facet of it’s


During occasions of intense stress the brain’s production

of these chemicals as Dopamine, Epinephrine, and

Norepinephrine increase, resulting in the distribution of

bigger levels of these Catecholamines through the


The rise of the existence of these chemicals

produces physiological changes for example elevated heart

rate, and bloodstream pressure, elevated cell reproduction,

and suppression from the defense mechanisms.

With time, unmanaged stress can result in the

growth and development of ulcers along with other bloating,

cardiovascular disease, even cardiac problems.

The immune’s systems capability to protect against infection

and disease is inhibited, permitting the start of

various illnesses and infections. Furthermore,

the introduction of chronic conditions for example Diabetes

and Bronchial asthma, happen to be associated with stress.

Stress can also be associated with many emotional and mental

disorders, for example Depression, Anxiety, extreme

Phobias, and anxiety attacks. The “Flight or fight”

instinct triggered through the brain during occasions of

extreme stress can also be associated with the on-group of these

chronic mental health problems.

Understanding how to manage stress in healthy ways might help

lessen the chemical changes occurring inside the brain

and the body, therefore improving both mental and physical


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