We take pride in delivering Coaching & Consulting Services to all Caregivers in need.   Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about our services.

  • Thank you for helping me to develop a Caregiver Action Plan.  I am still caring for my mother at home and I feel like I have my life back!  We are both doing much better now.”

    Dorothy M.

  • “Thank you for helping me find a way to talk to my wife about what we have given up as a couple because of her illness.  Together, we have reached that new understanding we spoke about regarding the new caregiver contract.  To my delight, she understood and was just as unhappy as I was.   ‘Thank you’ is actually not enough to say.”

    Allen P.

  • “I was really lost until I found out that I had a choice.  Working with me through my guilty feelings about placing my father in a nursing home has made the decision bearable now.  I no longer feel like I have to justify my decision to anyone else.  I know Dad is getting the professional help he needs and I now know how to monitor his care.  I am still his caregiver and I have a life, too.”

    Ellen B.

  • “Your book and your emails to me have given me the courage to finally make some tough decisions.  I knew I was dying, but I saw no way out until now.  I have courage again and realize I am not alone.”


  • “WOW!  I did not think I could manage my household expenses (all the things my husband always took care of before he got sick) and then how to find a trusty housekeeper.  I am glad I asked for your help because I didn’t know what I was really looking for or how to interview the people who came into my home.  I feel like I really am a CEO of my own company!  I am able to take care of my husband while he recovers without the stress I had.”