Book & Caregiver Coaching Services

Book & Caregiver Coaching Services

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Purchase Here & Receive a Free “Intro to Caregiver Coaching” Session (Value of $29.99) 


  • The Book:   The Tough & Tender Caregiver
                                              A Handbook for the Well Spouse 

    The tough-minded, no nonsense book that allows Spousal Caregivers to reclaim their life without guilt.  The bonus is that the ill or disabled spouse benefits from the happier caregiver.  With this purchase there is a FREE Intro Coaching Session ($29.99 Value).
  • Coaching Consultation

    Consultation/Coaching Sessions per hour (or electronic correspondence equivalent). Includes follow-up TTC Action Planning (individually tailored to meet specific needs of the caregiver).  

    Multiple Sessions & programs can be purchased as a reduced rate package, once needs are defined by consultant and client then scheduled to compliment your lifestyle.. 

  • Introduction to Caregiver Consultation/Coaching

    With this purchase, receive a Free Consultation & Assessment of stress factors, personal options & a safe place to chat.  Available either by email or phone..You choose your comfort level.


  • Free Preliminary Assessment


    Not sure about Caregiver Coaching or our book?  Try a FREE preliminary assessment.    We mean it when we said we are in the business of helping caregivers survive.  No obligation…Email us or call for more information.                                


  • Gift Certificate

    Have a parent, friend or other relative who needs help to Survive Caregiving or learning how to make it work?  Send them a gift certificate for consulting/coaching services.  $30 /half hour of communication which includes the aspects in Introduction to Caregiving program listed above