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Book News, Media, Speaking Engagements


The Award Winning:


A Handbook for the Well Spouse

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         “When I Said ‘I Do’, I Didn’t Mean This!”


    “The realism in The Tough and Tender Caregiver squarely puts the ball in the spousal caregivers’ court; it’s up to them to be proactive, make choices and adapt to the changing situation of the illness, in order to regain balance in their lives.  Along the caregiver journey for the spousal caregiver, losses in intimacy and sex are inevitable.  Little or no sex is the unfortunate result for many, as fatigue often robs the ill spouse of their libido.  Where other books tend to ignore or gloss over this issue the authors devote a whole chapter to it.” By Richard Anderson, a spousal caregiver for 29 years, President, Well Spouse Association, April 4, 2009


    I have read your book with delight.  Even for me, some of your statements were difficult to read yet needed to be stated because I know it is reality.  Memories of caring for my mother and running support groups (non-therapeutic) for families of the memory impaired were brought into focus as I read each page.  My only regret is that I did not have your book with me during these times.”By Terry Weaver, M.P.S., a certified care manager with graduate degree in geriatric care management and founder of GeriCare Associates, Contributing Author for The Fearless Caregiver, April 8, 2009


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    “If you are looking for a warm and feely book, this would not be your choice.  If you are searching for guidance and some light about what to do and where you could stand, then this packed paperback will be a godsend.